Dec 30

What Is Energy Healing?

The true purpose of Energy Healing is to connect to the highest spiritual reality possible and transformation of the person being healed. Thus furthering the evolution of the human species into homo “spiritous” or “Human beings living in full awareness of their spiritual essences.

What does an Energy Healer do?

The energy healer or light worker awakens your inner healer. Together we balance your chakras,  smooth and revitalize your energy body, your aura. The light worker became come your travel guide, guiding you into the exciting realm of learning and living from your authentic self.

What this feels like to you is: you are in an extreme state of relaxation, while you become aware of important information and nuances that then help you live  on a daily basis from a higher or more profound state of consciousness.

Energy Healing Modalities

All energy healing modalities use various frequency to produce results. The ways energy can be used or how it can be applied are a numerous as the issues or concerns people have. The  Body Mind and Spirit catagories lend themselves well for the placement of  different modalities. Some of the following modalities work better in some instances than in others. At TLC the following modalities are used:


  • %%%Light Wellness Energy Healing%%%
  • Healing Code
  • Sacred Spaces Created
  • Space Clearings/Energy Healing
  • Reiki



  • Reiki Attunements
  • Aura Clearing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Guided Astral Travel
  • Guided Meditation
  • Walking Meditations (Walking the Labyrinth
  • Light Wellness Energy Healing
  • Intentional Realm Healing

How does Light Wellness Energy Healing work?

All energy healing and a Light Wellness energy healing in particular works as the facilitator (the healer) holds the correct frequency at the dis-eased body part until the physical body becomes attuned or entrain with that frequency or vibrations. Sometimes the healer uses a specific frequency or vibration to remove things like viral, bacterial or fungus infection. In that incident the body’s frequency becomes such that the virus, bacteria or fungi no longer have a resting place where they can multiple, something akin to wipingthe counter with a disinfectant.

What happens during an Light Wellness Energy Healing Session?

The person wishing to do healing work comes to the session with an intention to heal a specific item, whether physical, mental or emotional. The healer and the healee have a short discussion about the modality which might be best suited to address the presented item. During a Light Wellness Energy Healing the healee will usually lie on the healing table, though sitting in a chair is okay if one is not comfortable on the table. The healee usually drifts off into a peaceful relaxed state while the healer scans the healee’s aura and energy field. Disturbances and distortions within the field are noted and after an energy chelation is performed the Healer attends to the distortions and disturbances. The healer works at different frequencies and ” in different levels” of the field. Each level has its proper frequency. The healer raise or lower the vibration to restore the proper frequency to the effected  area. Energetic anomalies that are present are removed, or repairs are made to the energetic grid/matrix that make up the field.

As the session comes to close the healer infuses the healee’s field with a fast energy from the 6th level and then seals all the work that was done within the “golden egg” of the 7thlevel. The healee comes back to full consciousness shortly after the work is sealed. The healee may or may not be aware of any changes on the physical level. Changes were made and if the healee continues with their intention to heal their issue, that issue will be resolved and be noticeable better immediately or within a very short time frame.

How often do I need an Light Wellness Energy Healing?

Some issues lend themselves to being resolved in one session. These quickly resolved issues are usually not the issues that bring transformation to your life. They could be like a sprain, migraine or a relationship disturbance. Each person is different and each issue is different. A person might initially come in for a sprained wrist and realize in a few days that they are more relaxed or maybe they are sleeping better.  Then they realize the Light Wellness Energy Healing session was much more beneficial than they first realized.

While Light Wellness Energy Healing works to resolve the root cause of the issue, the inner healer directs the portions of the issue to be healed. The sessions results are accumulative resulting in greater awareness of self and better health in body, mind and spirit. Just like jogging around the block one time will not make you fit, resolution of numerous deep seated issues require more sessions.

The first few sessions are as if you are repairing an abandon building. First you would clean up the place, remove debris and take stock of what repairs are needed and prioritize them. So too the lightworker and you assess your inner landscape, prioritize the repairs needed. Your conscious mind is usually not consulted. The light worker is working in conjunction with you supra-conscious mind, your inner healer.

Just like when the building has been repaired, before it is truely  usable  decoration and furnishes make the building more functional, beatiful and comfortable. So too after  the energetic bodyhas been repaired and revitilized it is functional and is now ready for the transformation work. The real beauty of Light Wellness sessions comes after the inner work of repairing the energetic structure of the energy field is complete and one is ready to transform their life.

Each session will begin with a Energy Chelation, a cleaning,  and balancing of the aura and chakras. Then the session progresses to deeper or heavier areas of distortions on various different levels of the fields. Your mental, physical and emotional aspects will perform at better and better levels of efficiency with each session. The accumulative result is that you are living a more joyful and authentic life.

A full regimen is approximately 6 to  12 sessions, each at about 6-week intervals. Many people find they like a “tune up” ever eight to ten-months there after. Tune up are extremely helpful especially when the issue is dealing with a difficult relationship or a life path issue. For these type of issues many people find a  tune up  twice a year is very beneficial. Many other issues are on an as need basis.

Scheduling a session

Currently the best way is to email: sessions@TransformationLightCenter.com

You will receive a response back with in 24 hours, usually sooner. Please leave your name,  email address,  phone number and best time to contact you. Include information  concerning your desired outcome of  the session, when are the best times for your session; morning afternoon or  early evening and the days that work best for you.

Transformation Light Center (TLC) will respond to you request within 24 hours. We will schedule your appoinment and take your payment information at that time. Your credit card will not be charged until your appointment time. .

Energetic anomalies

Energetic anomalies are anything that does belong in the energy field. A headache can show up in the energy field as a shard of glass, allergies may show up as things that look like tiny hedgehogs or spiky balls. I have experience cancer as a black void, a scarab, and a mass of sticky static electricity. Mental confusion once was manifested by a tear or rip in the energetic field around the head at a high energetic level.

Healing starts with a Energy Chelation.

Heavy metals are toxic to the human body. Chelation is considered a tried and true method in removing heavy metals from the body. From the standpoint of natural healing, toxins must be removed before the body can benefit from any health promoting actions. Stuck emotions, like heavy metals, can also be toxic to the body — and the mind and spirit. In the human energy system, stuck emotions are said to create distoritions, or anomalies in the subtle energy system, They also act like a magnet that attracts more energy which get stuck and creates more problems. The reverse of how most poeple care to use the “Law of Attraction”.

As you sink deeper into that energy tar pit, the physical and mental symptoms can get worse and worse.

Healthy emotions are energy in motion. However when emotions are stuck, not acknowledged, stuffed and ignored they become like heavy metal and are toxic to the human system. They need to be removed before health promoting actions can produce beneficial results. Just like chelation removes heavy metals from the body, energy chelation is a method which removes sticky, heavy dark energy from the human energy field.

Energy chelation is a very simple process. The recipient lays on a massage table fully clothed, without shoes on, while positive light is guided into the human energy field in a precise manner, from the soles of the feet through the crown chakra.

The energy travels via central power cord, merdians, accupunture points as it cleans and balances the charkas and aura. The energy chelation leaves the whole energy field, or subtle energy body ready to receive transformation light work. This basic light-work leaves the whole energy field like a clean slate, ready to receive transformational work and repair the damage done by long-term distortions.

At the end of the chelation the recipient usually reports feeling extremely relaxed, stress free and able to handle their life with ease and elegance.