All energy healing modalities use various frequency to produce results. The ways energy can be used or how it can be applied are a numerous as the issues or concerns people have. The Body, Mind, and Spirit catagories lend themselves well for the placement of  different modalities.  While some of the following modalities fit better in one catagory than in others, each type of treatment contributes to the wholelistic wellbeing of the person receiving the treatments. The over all goal of Transformation is met by all the modalities working in conjuction to assist one to move into the Universal Field or the presence of God.


Heal the body

  • %%%Light Wellness Energy Healing%%%
    • Long distant Energy Healing
  • Healing Codes

Create your peaceful living space

  • Creation of Sacred Space
    • Blessing of Spaces  (removing unwanted energy from a space)
  • Reiki


Be happy and serene / Reprogram the mind

Release stuck emotions


Realize &  LIVE your Divinity

  • Reiki Attunements
  • Guided Meditation
    • Guided Astral Travel
  • Transformation LIFE Intentional Realm Healing